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Make use of the different tour types to explore Cahokia Mounds - public tours ipod and cellphone tours available, hiking via nature tours too

A UNESCO World Heritage Site - Cahokia Mounds

June 6, 2014

If museums and architecture are not enough to sate your love for all things historical, how about heading to Illinois, and visit the magnificent Cahokia Mounds? This State Historic Site is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is known as the largest prehistoric city north of Mexico.

Located in the Saint Louis Metro East region of Illinois, the Cahokia Mounds is a popular attraction for mini bus rental visitors. This city was at its peak 800 years ago, where American Indians farmed, traded, created art, studied the sun, and built massive earthen mounds. Charter bus visitors can view the remaining 69 man-made mounds at this area with the largest being the Monks Mounds, approximately 100 feet tall.

Guided Tours of the Mounds

A few types of tours are available at the site, so coach bus visitors got the freedom to choose whether to opt for a public tour, or self-guided ones.

  • Public Tours: This tour visit either Monks Mound or the Grand Plaza-Twin Mounds-Mound 72. The tours last approximately one hour, and no reservations are needed to join in.
  • iPod Tours: Rental bus visitors can use an iPod Touch to access to 4 different tours: one of the Interpretive Center exhibit gallery and three of the grounds. These tours are conducted in English, German and Spanish.
  • Cell Phone Tour: The Confluence Cell Phone Audio Tour is a guide to conservation, heritage and recreation sites.
  • Nature/Culture Hike: A 6.2 mile Nature/Culture Hike booklet is available for sale in the Museum Shop. During this hike, charter bus visitors will head through remote areas of the site explaining the culture of the Mississippians, discussing where archaeology has taken place, and the use of various plants for food, medicine, dyes and fibers.
  • Tape Tours: A tape cassette tour is available for free from the Information Desk.
  • Tour Guidebook: A tour guidebook is available for purchase in the Museum Shop for $1. It includes three hiking trails: through the Plaza, up Monks Mound, and around Woodhenge.

Tips when visiting the Mounds

If this is your first time visiting the Cahokia Mounds, you might want to take note of some useful information to assist you in your visit.

What to wear:
Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended as well as hats, sunscreen, bottled water and insect repellent.

What to bring:
Charter bus visitors are welcome to bring hand-held cameras to take pictures of exhibits and site features for personal use provided that the flash is turned off while indoors.
Lunches may be brought only to the picnic grounds, while the Interpretive Center offers vending machines with snacks and cold drinks.

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