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When most people think about IL vacations, they think about Chicago. Needless to say, IL getaways to Chicago should definitely be part of your travel plans. However, when you are tired of the big cities, you will find a number of interesting ideas for IL vacations. Be sure to set aside a portion of your Illinois travel plans to explore the state's excellent museums. In Aurora, the SciTech Hands on Museum features exciting exhibits on weather, biology, sound, physics and astronomy. In Big Rock, Illinois, the traveling Roberts Armory Museum specializes in the acquisition and display of light armored vehicles and artillery used by the U.S. Army in World War II.

Another great place to visit in IL is the Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield; there you can take a tour of the two-story home of Abraham Lincoln. This was the only home that Lincoln ever owned. The Three Worlds of Santa's Village has been a popular family vacation destination for over 40 years. The park features a variety of rides and live shows. You can hang out with the animals down on Old McDonald's Farm or enjoy the thrilling rides at Coney Island. Thrill seekers who enjoy getting wet will love Racing Rapids Action Park.

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Oct 17, 2013 - Galena the City of History

If you love both architecture and history, you really should not miss heading over to the city of Galena. Located in Jo Daviess County, Galena is the largest city of the county and is a popular destination for Illinois charter bus visitors. This city is well known for its history, architecture and ski and golf resorts.

Once you enter the city of Galena, you would be blown away immediately by its beautiful historical architecture which is visible throughout the city. Galena was originally inhabited by Sac and Fox Native Americans but was settled by the French by late 17th century. However, the American settlers started to come in troves to settle in Galena by early 19th century and became a hub on the Mississippi River between St. Louis and St. Paul.

Right until the late 1980s, Galena remained as a small rural farming community. However, once Kraft Foods, Lemfco Foundry and many other industries setup their plants there, as well as when Galena’s mayor initiated a tourist campaign, Galena has changed drastically – for the good. Now, Galena is famous for its many different parades and fairs held for almost every celebration. Even their 32nd Halloween Parade has an overflowing turnout, with estimated 15,000 visitors.

Much of Galena’s buildings and architecture have been listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Once of the most popular historical building would be the Old Market House State Historic Site. Built in 1845, this building was erected as a city hall and public farmer’s market. After it was handed over to the state of Illinois, this building was extensively rebuilt and restored and is now a museum of Galena’s local social history and serves as a visitor services information desk.

If you walk along Main Street in Galena, you would see the unique architectural style and historic feel prevalent in its brick buildings. The state made many efforts to improve the existing infrastructure and yet preserve these beautiful buildings of character such as burying utilities and many beautification initiatives. For a look on church architecture, you can head over to Saint Michael’s Church. Named after one of the three archangels, this church was founded by pioneer priest Father Samuel Mazzuchelli.

When you visit Galena, don’t forget to drop by Main Street if you want a spot of shopping. As a charming small own, Main Street offers many specialty shops, quaint restaurants and wineries. You can always direct your Illinois charter bus driver to stop you at Galena’s many interesting attractions.


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